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Nicki Minaj Super Bass

Nicki Minaj, every girl is singing her song "Super bass". Did you know that the song Super Bass became one of the most searched songs over the internet. Nicki Minaj is a hop hop recording star who is half American and half Trinidadian.  The song Super Bass was actually an original. She composed and wrote the song. Nicki Minaj real name is Onika Tanya Maraj. She made this song with the help of her friends Daniel Johnson and Ester Dean.


LRG fall collection

As the year passes by, our warm summer days slowly turn into cold winter nights. This time, we slowly say goodbye to our summer wear. Warmer clothes are more preferred than what we use to wear during the summer. This time of year, LRG is also saying goodbye to summer wear and preparing themselves for the fall collection. Recently the company released their collection through a video. Music artists like Mayer Hawthorne and Bilal are also included in the photoshoot of the upcoming looks for the collection. This time, San Francisco is the background they have chosen. The aim is to come up with a classy streetwear. Additionally skateboarders are also featured in the video.

Jay-z and Beyonce Soon-to-Be-Parents

Yes, the wildfire-like spread of the Beyonce’s pregnancy speculation is one hundred percent true. The ever sexy singer uncovered the mind-wrecking baby news at the MTV Music Video Awards. She was so excited that she even publicized how far her pregnancy is and the expected due date, as of now the 29-year-old expectant mother is three months along and is due to give birth on February.


Hip hop fashion through the years

Hip hop fashion originated with African-American youth of the United States. It expresses the attitudes of hip hop culture. Significantly, through time, change has been observed and today it is one of the most popular fashion supported by our younger generation. Lots of accessories are used. Such accessories like large eyeglasses, multiple rings, large belts and nameplates complement the style. Music performers helped popularize the use of large and heavy jewelry. The use of such suggests wealth and prestige. In the 1980’s blousy pants are most popular. MC Hammer promoted the pants in his music videos. In the early 90’s baseball caps and neon colors were the most used.



Hip hop fashion its influential, many teenagers  even though are not african american talk and and behave like the african american or the mexicans. It seems that the hip hop scene has long been dominated by the black and the brown and when the white talks like them it seems very funny.



Race Music and RnB

On the year 1940’s, “race music” was the original term for R&B or Rhythm and Blues type of music, which is intentionally for black listeners. Rhythm and Blues is a blend of gospel, blues and jazz.



Lil Mama

She is at birth named as Niatia Jessica Kirkland, turning 22 year old this October 4, 2011 she is an American rapper, dancer and songwriter. Being born in Harlem in 1989 this greatly influenced her creativity and the artistry that she have that soon made her of what she is now.  She first signed a  contract with Jive Records during August of 2006. Lil Mama's first album was released April 29, 2008 with having only 4 singles "Lip Gloss", "G-Slide (Tour Bus)", "Shawty Get Loose (Featuring Chris Brown and T-Pain") and "L.I.F.E" selling a whooping 19,000 copies in the 1st week climbing to spot 25 on the Billboard 200's. The song Lip Gloss made her an instant star.


29 million Lawsuit Won by Cypress Hill

“Insane in the membrane, brane…brane”, that what keeps popping in my head when I hear the word Cypress Hill. Cypress Hill is a famous hiphop group that emerges and took over the limelight scene during the early 90’s along with Beastie Boys and Bone Thugs N’ Harmony. They are Mexican rappers who made teenagers during the 90’s want to be cool Mexicans.


British Responds to African-American R & B

British rhythm and blues developed in the early 1960s, largely as a response to the recordings of American artists, often brought over by African American servicemen stationed in Britain during the Cold War, or merchant seamen visiting ports such as London, Liverpool, Newcastle on Tyne and Belfast. Many bands, particularly in the developing London club scene, tried to emulate black rhythm and blues performers,


Race Music

“Race music” is a term used in the first half of the 20th century for varieties of African American music of that time, like jazz, boogie-woogie, blues, jump blues, and rhythm and blues. Robert Palmer described it as “urbane, rocking, jazz based music with a heavy, insistent beat”.